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Linked funny videos

The complete Wile E. Coyote anthology in under 4 minutes. As a kid I didn’t realize his was a metaphor for life.

My children (as infants) and a bird now have something in common.

He’s been gone for…what, a week or two. Oh, I miss him so much! Well, not really, but this is a great video.

Lots of famous (and not so famous) people are dying recently. Fred Travalena was one of the classic Vegas impressionist. Impressionists are one step funnier than ventriloquists. Ventriloquists are one step funnier than rectal abrasions. In honor of Fred I found a video of Mitch Hedberg who is also dead…but funny. Enjoy.

A sad day. This morning we lose the lady (single-handedly) responsible for more self-imposed orgasms than Larry Flint and Hugh Hefner combined and this afternoon we say goodbye the world’s only trans-racial rock star.

Thank you Brett Domino Trio, you honor them both:

This has cruised the internet for a while but on such an auspicious occasion as Sher and my 20th anniversary no other video can show the beauty of our relationship or 2 decades of of love.