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Monthly Archives: September 2009

Dont Date With Child color

Nobodys Fool color

This seems appropriate on the 1 year anniversary of the biggest drop in points in the Dow’s history. Keep in mind, percentage wise this 7% drop doesn’t touch October 19, 1987’s nearly 23% drop – but I had very little money in the market in ’87. Seems like I’ve gone back in time.

Thanks for the gag Uncle Eric.

Also Happy 68th Dad!

Night Lights Out

So far as artwork goes, I think this is my best effort.

Don’t be mad Mom, this was Dad’s gag.

Prostate Exam color 2

Eagle Cant Fly color

Tooth and Nail

Sure, I know “tooth and nail” refers to a finger nail, but finger nails are gross – kinda like boogers.

doctors office

This one is Dad’s idea. He was concerned people wouldn’t know that hogs eat truffles (the fungus-not the convection). If you didn’t know that little fact consider this and educational web site. Thanks Dad, nice work.

Ball Return

Sometimes we all have to deal with personal loss.


Remember kids – it’s OK to compare a person to the Hitler, but only if they’ve pissed you off.

Oh, and what comes around goes around.